An Invitation to Action Plan for Radio

Invitation to Action Plan 2021: WNH? by WhyNotHer?

‘Led by music industry consultant Linda Coogan Byrne, global development executive Bernadette Sexton, and researcher and academic Dr Brenda Donohue, Why Not Her has now launched an action plan for Irish radio stations to implement in order to tackle the inequality.

Audiences want to hear more womxn on the radio, and artists want and need it too.

Irish radio stations now have an “exciting opportunity to become a global leader” by playing more high-quality music by womxn, and by including more diversity across their playlists.

In order to do so, radio organisations need to commit to equal representation on air, regular reporting of reliable data with measurable targets, and a commitment to be leaders and champions of change within organisations.

We implore radio stations and broadcasters to avail of the plan and incorporate it into their every day, committing to change.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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