Clash Magazine Interview with Linda Coogan Byrne “2020 Is The Year Irish Women Stood Up For Radio Equality And Representation”

Thank you so much to Cailean at Clash Magazine for including some of what our founding member Linda Coogan Byrne had to say about the historical breakthrough in the music scene in Ireland this year.

Thanks so much for the platform and highlighting what Linda had to say about this years work carried out by herself, Áine Tyrrell and our team at Why Not Her? as well as Ruthanne who did so many interviews we sent her way over the last number of months, as part of our National media campaign this year to dismantle the oppressive system that silenced womxns voices from the airwaves for far too long across Irish radio. Linda, Aine and Ruthanne did the bulk of media interviews and we want to say a huge thank you.

We are all in this together and it’s important to lift each other up. There is no I in teamwork. We all want equality, diversity & inclusion because we all deserve it.

There is no-one pitted against one another. Would also like to shine a light on FairPlé & Mise Fosta as they were indeed mentioned in the interview Linda did with Clash, as the support and connection with these two incredible collectives has been instrumental in advancing equality for Womxn in music – and covers all genres – however in the nature of interviews many parts of the interview Linda did and invaluable activists mentioned didn’t make the final edit for what was published. But we wanted to say THANK YOU AND WE ALL APPRECIATE YOU and the work countless other organisations and collectives are also working at.

It’s so important to all work together as a team and to support each other as we strive for equality and a safer industry for everyone.

It’s been my honour to have worked tirelessly this year to try advance womxns voice in radio and the music industry both in Ireland and the UK. None of it would have been possible without the support of so many people in media from journalists to radio DJs and fellow activists. Nobody at Why Not Her was paid a cent – it’s a passion and we love what we do and despite it being so hard at times battling it out with radio for justice and equality – it’s been worth it seeing the changes in the music landscape as it’s never been this way before! Much love and respect – thanks again for the opportunity and platform CLASH. ~ 🤍#womensrights#blm#diversity

Linda Coogan Byrne, Dec 2020

Read the full interview here:

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